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People Direct’s staffing experts recruit and deliver high-quality, highly skilled people to fill a broad range of skills

Finding the Best People

People Direct has a comprehensive staffing program that identifies high–quality candidates, verifies their qualifications, and prepares them for placement in your organization. Our candidates go through a comprehensive review process before being placed to ensure they meet your needs, including thorough interviewing, skills testing, and screening.

Once we are confident a candidate is the right fit for you, we further prepare them by providing them with a tailored overview of your organization’s policies and procedures. We keep our employee’s skills sharp with continuous training and skills assessment. People Direct uses our extensive body of internal procedures to deliver the most qualified candidate available to you every time.

Retaining the Best People

We work hard to find and keep the best people in the market. To minimize turnover, we reward our employees with cash bonuses, longevity bonuses, holiday pay, gift certificates, and special recognition awards.

Our performance incentives program helps to make sure that we retain the best people while keeping them motivated to continuously deliver high-quality performance—the results: a more motivated and better qualified workforce that exceeds your expectations.

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